Darker Color Windows & Doors Trends In 2020

March 26, 2021

The numbers of homeowners are increasing when it comes to researching the latest trends in appearance, colors and styles of windows, doors, siding and other aspects of the house to make it to their personal style.

Windows are one of the key factors in transforming the standard of appearance of a house. Houses with darker interior and exterior windows and doors are becoming more and more popular these days among homeowners. In fact, windows are on the verge of transforming standard housing applications with visually compelling shades ranging from dark browns to deep reds and greens. The trend shows that dark/rich colors on windows really shows the depth to home and really draw attention to the contrast between window trim color and wall or exterior color. Interior and exterior design experts agree that black windows provide a multitude of advantages and design avenues to choose from based on your style. Black windows present an up-to-date modern look, but also complement everyday traditional and domestic interiors. They also are flexible enough to accommodate multiple home styles, including the popular Farmhouse and Modern styles, all the while creating a stronger connection with the outdoors by blending exterior and interior spaces. It is now one of the first choices of homeowners and is being considered as a classic.

We certainly can’t predict the future or any coming change but we think that the classic nature of black and white always allows for longevity when it comes to style and invest in your home. Additionally, if your home and existing windows are older and not very energy efficient, then considering replacement windows – energy efficient from Renewal by Andersen might just be one of the best investments you could make in your home.

Learn more about darker shade windows & doors with other trends to help you decide the best option for your home from experts at Renewal by Andersen - Ryan Windows & Siding.

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