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EMCO Steel Siding Rochester MN

Our recommended brand of steel siding is made by EMCO, a lead supplier of exterior home improvement products. EMCO's steel siding is available in multiple styles, colors and options. One of the things our customers like about their Emco products is how easy it is to take care of. Steel siding tends to perform better than other siding types, see the chart below for a breakdown.

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EMCO Preserve Steel Siding

emco steel siding Featuring over a dozen siding and siding accent color options, Preserve steel siding features the natural look of wood with the strength of steel. Like other Emco products, Preserve's feature certain properties that other vinyl and metal siding products just can't replicate. Emco Preserve siding is coated with DePont Teflon surface protector. This special finish will repel water, oil and other substances that traditonally stain or destroy other siding types. Preserve's also feature CoolPaint from Emco. This Energy Star qualified paint coating features superior energy performance by using reflective pigments in the paint to help reduce energy consumption.
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emco weatheredwood siding

EMCO Weatheredwood Steel Siding

emco home Emco's Weatheredwood steel siding features two-tone wood grain textures. This revolutionary construction gives Weatheredwood a distinct wood look. Weatheredwood is more durable than vinyl, aluminum and wood siding products. Made from 70% renewable steel, Weatheredwood is also re-enforced with DuPont's Teflon surface protector and is Energy Star qualified via it's Cool Paint technology.
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emco shake siding

EMCO Steel Shake Siding

house with shake siding Emco's Steel Shake is a great way to accent you're home's unqiue characteristics. Designed for accent applications, EMCO Preserve Steel Shake siding is durable without the expensive maintenance of fiber cement and wood. Unlike other siding shakes made by other manufacturers, Emco's steel shake siding is built using 70% renewable steel.

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emco steel shingle siding

EMCO Steel Shingle Siding

house with shingle siding EMCO Preserve Shingle siding can add amazing accents to your home's unique style. Utilizing a four way locking system, steel shingle siding features a seamless appearance once installed. Steel shake siding is constructed using heavy gauge steel to withstand high wind and to resist the damages that come with hail. EMCO supplies a 35 year chalk and fade limited lifetime warranty with steel shingle siding. Call for full details.

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